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Why You Should Volunteer This Summer

Habitat For Humanity Wood Buffalo

  1. It’s good for your health. According to volunteer.ca, “studies show that involved Canadians enjoy an improved overall health.”, while an article on Harvard Health also suggests that “volunteering may be good for your body and mind”.
  2. It will make you happier. Studies have shown that people who volunteer are less lonely and less likely to be depressed because they feel connected to the community.
  3. It’s good for your heart. According to a study in Carnegie Melon University, 200 hours of volunteering per year correlated to lower blood pressure.  Researchers speculate that volunteer activities that promote physical activity  may have greater positive effects to cardiovascular health, although no extensive study has been done to explore this yet.
  4. You gain experience and skills!
    • if you are interested to try something new, volunteering is great way to experience different lines of work;
    • volunteering also encourages personal development, interpersonal communication and teamwork, to name a few.
  5. It’s good for business too!
    • volunteer.ca reports that companies with volunteer programs have lower employee turnover rates.
    • Research cited by volunteer.ca reports that among employer-supported volunteers, 80% “believe that group volunteering strengthens their relationships with colleagues.
    • Improved employee engagement; companies with active volunteer programs reported higher rates of employee satisfaction and improved morale.

We are always actively looking for volunteers. With a project in progress, we need all the help and support we can get from our community. Get in touch with us if you are an individual who is interested in volunteering your time and/ or skill. If you’re a company looking for an engaging and rewarding team building activity for your colleagues and employees, we just might have the right programs for you!

We will update you soon with build dates along with volunteer & team building opportunities.

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