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Current Projects

Beaveridge Close Wildfire Recovery Rebuild Project

This is the first of our Wildfire Recovery Program Rebuild projects.  It is in Beacon Hill, one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the 2016 wildfire.
We started work on the home in late September and expect our partner family to be able to move in some time in March.
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Beacon Hill Drive Wildfire Recovery Rebuild Project

Our second rebuild project is a 3-bedroom, single-family home for our partner family of four.  It is also in the Beacon Hill neighbourhood.
Volunteers have been hard at work moving this project along so our partner family can be home by the spring.
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Recent Projects

Railway Avenue Project

A four-bedroom single-family home in Waterways. This is our 5th home in the Wood Buffalo region.  Due to the wildfire, construction of this home was delayed until mid-October of 2016. 
Our partner family, a single mom and her children, moved into their new home on March 1st, 2017.  We were excited to celebrate with them as they started the next chapter of their lives.

Greenbrier Project

A three-bedroom mobile home in Greenbrier Bay. This is our 4th home in the Wood Buffalo region.  The new, unfinished mobile required a lot of finishing work with the help of dedicated volunteers to make it into a home for our partner family.
  • Mobile home
  • Single family home
  • Green home
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