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When I first applied for the new Habitat home that was being built in 2009 I never quite knew the bright new future that it was going to provide for me and my two children. Since the day we moved in, we have finally had the ability to really call a place we were living in a real home. We have the ability to make it our own, feel secure and grow as a family. I met a wonderful man we have added an addition to our little family, I have got to watch my children grow into wonderful little adults getting ready for college and know that they will get the chance to go. Even to this day I pull up in front of my house and have a sense of joy, pride and security. I don’t think that there are enough words I can say to thank all the volunteers, donors and Habitat for everything that they have done for our family. Always Grateful.
-The Delainey’s and St.Martin’s
Our experience with Habitat Wood Buffalo was wonderful. Since we’ve moved in, our lifestyle has changed. We now have have separate rooms for the kids. We know this is our house. It is officially in our name. We have everything we need. We like it here. It’s a quiet area.
“From the time we heard about the program to the day we got the keys to the house, it took less than four months. We had to do 400 [“sweat equity”] hours before we can move in. There was work to do. We volunteered in different organizations like the Food Bank and Salvation Army—those counted toward our hours too.
-Mansoor Akhtar and Shumaila Mansoor