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HFH Wood Buffalo Railway Avenue Build is Well on its Way

Our first official build day was a great success! Floor panels and 3 out of 4 outside walls have been installed on the main floor.  All inside walls have been set in place and will be secured when we are on site this Sunday.  Once that is complete, we will install the floor and wall panels for the second floor. We are very excited for our partner mom to join us on site this Sunday!  She’ll be there helping us complete the floor/wall panel installations for her new home. If you would like to help out with build activities or with volunteer support for our build volunteers, you can sign up through our online volunteer sign-up sheet


Check our online sign up for new volunteer dates and updates to daily tasks to be performed. railway-avenue-floor-wall-panels-picaligning-1st-floor-panel-7415-railway-ave-29-oct-16raising-1st-wall-7415-railway-ave-29-oct-16inside-walls-7415-railway-ave-29-oct-16  

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